WordPress Website in a Weekend

The Masterclass that’ll show you -- click by click -- how to develop, design, and customize the F out of your WordPress website.


A killer website is pretty much THE most important thing you need as a solo entrepreneur.

It’s seriously the difference between:

“OMG, I love you, get in my pants!” AND “Ew, gross, bye!”

But you know this. That’s why you’re so stressed out! (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE WHOLE DAMN CENTURY!)

Whether you have a shitty site that you won’t even show your dog or no site at all -- your brand’s stuck in a rut because you have nothing to promote. It’s like not inviting friends over for cocktails because you haven't cleaned your house in months. (Guilty as charged.)

You know a professional, on-brand site, that you're PROUD to promote is the ONLY way you'll grow your business. And you're ready to DIY this bitch yourself except for one TINY problem: You're absolutely terrified of technology.

Coding? - Yuck
Widgets? Plugins? - What the fuck are those?
CSS? - Kill me.
On button? - Yeah, don’t even know where that is.

You want a rockin' site, you want it now, you want to do it yourself, and you want absolute power over your badass online domain. #nbd


You have a beautiful site! It’s bold, on brand, and 100% unique. No cookie-cutter bullshit. HELL NO. This site expresses everything about YOU, your values, and your biz. (And you want to shove it in EVERYONE’S face!)

You’re the boss, dog. When it comes to your site, you got it covered. You got the widgets, plugins, and design on lock. You know how to make changes, add pages, and adjust your site as your business grows.

You have a record number of clients. Like flies to honey, new clients are flowing to your site in droves. Why? Because, a) it's on brand, so it attracts the clients you LOVE to work with and b) you feel so much more confident in your marketing. You love inviting folks to your home to PAR-TAY!

Your business is a grower AND a shower! Because it’s easy to add courses, build out new pages, and customize your site you’re no longer held back by the fear of hours of work, or major overhead to adjust your site or add products!

Your empowered AF! No more fear of technology, no more expensive tech developers, no more lame-ass uncustomized templates, just pure, raw CONTROL. (Now if only you could figure out how to connect your phone to your TV you’d be all set.)

I know, I know, this all sounds equally wonderful as it does impossible.

But don’t you worry your pretty, little head...

THE masterclass where you’ll get ALL the tools, knowledge, and support you need to not only build your website in a weekend but also keep your website growing, expanding, and changing along with your biz, forever.

Through easy-to-follow video tutorials, a community of supportive AF entrepreneurs, a constantly updated instructional video library, and some personal help from me, you'll learn everything you need to build and customize your dream site. From developing, to coding, to formatting, to designing, I’ve got you covered!



What you need is CSS coding! The MAGIC DUST when it comes to making a WordPress theme SPARKLE.

Yep. I’m going to show you how to CODE. Yes C-O-D-E. Even if you feel like a technological numbskull, trust me, with my easy-peasy, click-by-click videos ANYONE can learn to code their own site.

Wanna see why coding is so magical?


Here's a snapshot of my WordPress theme homepage out of box. Ew. {on the left}

Then, there's a snapshot of my website homepage AFTER I stamped my style all over this shiz. Yay! {on the right}

And guess what? You’re about to learn how to do ALL of that {plus more} YOURSELF!

Waaaaaaaa? It’s true!


WORDPRESS HAPPY HOUR - This mini-course will show you everything you need to gather BEFORE starting your site. You can’t just dive in when it comes to website development. You need to make a plan. I’ll show you exactly how with this video. And yes, I encourage you to watch it with a cocktail.
{$47 value}

THE WORDPRESS TRAINING LIBRARY - This constantly growing library of instructional videos is organized in a way so you can find what you need just like that::snap::! I take you step-by-step in a way that's clear and easy to follow. Don't waste another second on Google, all you need is right here.
{$2,000 value}

LIFETIME ACCESS - After you build your site the fun doesn't stop there. You’ll want to constantly change and grow your site with your biz. Luckily, my support will never leave your side. This library will grow with YOU!

CONSTANT SUPPORT + LOVE - In each section of the masterclass there’s a Q&A section where you can ask me anything about your specific website, solicit feedback, AND submit requests for new video training! Your wish is my command! {Priceless}



1. Click one of the shiny gold buttons and complete your payment through Paypal or Stripe

2. Create a Teachable account. {Unless you already have an account, then you can just sign in from the sales page!}

3. You’ll receive access to the entire library right away! I encourage you to start with the Teachable Happy Hour video, so you can create your plan before you get your design on!

4. Request further trainings, pick your FREE theme, and schedule your website review at any point in your process!


➽You hate learning new things, stepping out of your comfort zone, or doing DIY projects.

➽You actually just want someone else to build your site. {I’m not doing that for you with this course, sorrynotsorry!}

➽You want information sugar coated. I tell it like it is!

➽You hate laughter, sailor-esk language, and hate having fun with your work. {We won’t be besties.}


I'm a straight shooting, foul mouthed, wine guzzling, California girl who in 2013 traded in her soul sucking corporate job for her lifelong dream of owning her own business. These days I hang out at my online happy hour lounge, The Branded Solopreneur, where I drop all kinds of visual strategy knowledge bombs and brand building badassery.

My life's mission {minus raising my baby boy into a strapping young man who rules the world} is to help solopreneurs, just like YOU, develop, create, and grow their own badass brands, so they can finally make self-employment their bitch, an soak up all the freedoms they crave out of life.

Y’all ready for this?

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live masterclass?
Nope, all the training videos are recorded and ready to be devoured as soon you checkout! However, I will be adding new videos all the time and will take requests from anyone in the class for new content!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does forEVA sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. The info will be updated regularly so it’s always current and can grow with your site!
Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
You bet your badass I do! If for some reason you aren't cuckoo for cocoa puffs over this training send me an email within 5 days of purchasing the masterclass and I'll gladly lob a refund your way. No questions asked.

WordPress Website in a Weekend

The Masterclass that’ll show you -- click by click -- how to develop, design, and customize the F out of your WordPress website.

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